Laura L.​Barry

Some thoughts and questions to ponder:

~ Are you living a fulfilled life?

~ Do you have an internal critic, instead of an internal coach?

~ Do you feel "not good enough?"

~ Are you wanting more peace in your life?

~ Is your happiness dependent upon external things?

~ Are you ready for support in living a more fulfilled life? 

One-on-one coaching could be a great way to support your personal and spiritual growth.

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Imagine not having your outer circumstances control your feelings and mood.  That is the result of working with Laura!

Do you desire something "more" in your life, not even knowing what that means?   Maybe you've been on your spiritual or growth journey for a while, and still seem unsatisfied?  Or, perhaps you are ready for deeper transformation!

If so, then let's discuss what this could mean for you

As a life strategist Laura can support your transformation, helping you define what "more" is and getting to a deeper level of overall satisfaction.  ​​


Inspirational Speaker, Author, & ​​Life Strategist 

What people are saying about

The Journey To Finding Your Inner Coach.

THE CENTER OF ME, The Journey To finding Your Inner Coach is Laura's big debut. What began as a series of talks, blogs and then workshops, slowly blossomed into a fast-selling inspirational book. She's known for helping others to get out of their own way on their path to peace and happiness!

Laura L. Barry, Speaker, Author, Life Strategist, Coach, Workshop leader

​​"Laura Barry has created a wonderful manual for the Soul!  Use it in your daily life to get back on track and take your life to its highest potential.  I whole-heartedly agree with her unwavering concepts and exercises to let the Soul take precedence in our life.  Bravo!" ​

Gene Ang, Ph.D. Neurobiology, Healer, Author & Teacher

"With humor and perception, Laura combines innate spirituality with practical everyday insights. If we value tranquility and a life more fully lived, this concise book is a “must have” for all of us.  It reads like a healing hug feels.” 
Rev. Hannelore Z. Goodwin, Founder, Circle of Miracles, New Britain, PA

“Laura brings her inspiring concepts to the journey of creating a life of far greater satisfaction.  ...her practical concepts and do-able exercises quickly get the journey to the center of ourselves underway and yielding practical results. This stuff really works.” Dr. Stephen G. Payne, International Leadership Coach and Author of The First Rule of Leadership and The Joy of Work​​