Not your typical motivational speaker! 

Laura is interactive, inspirational, educational, fun, funny and motivating.

Laura has spoken to groups of hundreds, groups of dozens and smaller more intimate settings. She has spoken at universities, corporations, professional development events, retreats, leadership events and facilitates numerous workshops. Regardless of the audience, Laura is able to create and tailor the message to accomplish your goals and make it memorable and motivational.  


"Laura has served as a keynote speaker and small group facilitator for our organization for over 6 years. Our adult "Campers" (Cancer survivors)  always rate her talks and workshops as one of the highlights of our retreats. Laura is compassionate, intuitive, charismatic and down to earth. She speaks in a language that all can understand and relate to, and presents with passion and optimism. Laura has added so much substance and value to the Bravehearts retreat experience, and has enriched the hundreds of lives she has touched over the years."  Karen Haag, Founder, Camp Braveheart

"When I first heard Laura speak, I found myself quoting her on several occasions. Her wisdom was inspiring, so much so, that I hired her to speak with a few of my clients. Laura's outlook on life's journey is not to be missed, she will open you eyes to areas you thought you could never touch, in a good way!" Peggie W. Doylestown, PA

"I am a physics professor at a community college in New Jersey and adviser to the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society campus chapter. [Laura's] book is selected as our Mind Body Health scholarship research reading material for our Frontiers of Exploration honors research on Mind Body Medicine. I am impressed how Laura simplifies our complicated lives and introduces the inner critic and inner coach that are already inside each one of us!
     Laura has presented workshops on Stress Management to our chapter. Our Executive Dean of Students suggested this topic since stress has been a large and fast-growing issue on our campus. The hour-long workshop was so empowering! Students quickly became aware of the inner critic and inner coach and enthusiastically shared what they are stressed about. The workshop supported students to employ the inner coach to respond to a stressful issue. Almost everyone found changes they can make for better mind body health. This is significant for our students."  Prof. Jingrong (Jamie) Huang


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Nothing beats one-on-one support to navigate through the choppy waters of life.  If you are ready to release, ready to empower yourself, ready to transform and make lasting changes, then the time is right!  

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A guide to finding peace and happiness regardless of your surroundings. It is a fun simple read with not-as-simple contemplative exercises for a deep journey within.  You will get out of it what you put in to it! And that's a promise! SO, just don't read the book, DO the book!  


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